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Our Story


One day while driving down 640 Kent Road, Guaman envisioned her dream at this location. 15 years later and JohnBela’s Gift and Gardening Supplies is helping customers with their needs every day! Isabel, who owns the shop with her husband Juan says “I love what I do, this is what i want to be doing” 


Located at 640 Kent Road in Gaylordsville CT. JohnBela’s Gift and Gardening Supplies has a wide variety of options to choose from. You can stop by or shop online for all of your favorite indoor and outdoor plants, arrangements, and products as well as all of the gift items! 

With 22 years in the gardening industry, having worked previously as a grower and gift shop manager at Hollandia Nurseries in Bethel, CT  – Guaman said she knew then that she wanted to incorporate her passions into a space like JohnBela’s Gift and Gardening.

JohnBela’s Gift and Gardening Supplies has a wide variety of options to choose from. One side of the shop features live houseplants, arrangements, and all the products that help them thrive. The other side is where you will find all of your bird seed, houses, and other goods. You will also find our huge assortment of gift items such as candles, scarves, decorative pine cones, and more.
We also offer custom wreaths, arrangements, plants, and more! 

Guman has been quoted saying: 

“It comes naturally, i’m here to serve the customers and help with the design.”

“I like to make everyone happy, to teach people how to create gardens, how to do arrangements,” 

Guaman changes a wide variety of items each holiday season. Christmas brings in holiday ornaments, Christmas lights, and nativities. As the seasons change so will the items! You can find all of your Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Easter, and  Mother &  Father’s day items as well! 

Eloisa Guaman