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If you take a look around the exterior of your property, you will notice many structures that are made with masonry. Masonry is a form of construction where units are laid with cement mortar that binds them together to create a stable structure. ‘Masonry’ serves as the glue that holds brickwork and stonework together. This can include your chimney, patio, sidewalk, driveway, walkways, or exterior walls, just to name a few.

Because masonry is extremely durable and requires very little maintenance, masonry enables property owners to create beautiful brick or stone structures at an affordable price. Consider a few of the benefits of professional masonry services below:

  • Low Cost: Masonry is affordable because of its strength. It ensures you can exclude formwork and other labor or maintenance costs associated with other materials.
  • High Resistance: Masonry eliminates your worries on termites entering your building and getting into your exterior walls. It is designed to prevent your walls from rotting, which causes mold and mildew build-up. Its fire-resistant material means it will not combust.
  • Environmentally Safe: Most masonry material is easily recyclable to be used for other new building projects or repairs. Since it does not contain any harmful chemicals, the air quality in your building structure will not be compromised.


Combine old-world craftsmanship and modern technology.

Professional Masonry Services

JohnBel Gifts and Masonry Supplies has extensive experience providing professional masonry services that are beautiful, as much as they are long-lasting. Whether you need masonry repair or restoration, we make sure your structure will be built to last, using our high quality workmanship.

Masonry Repair Services

Our masonry repair service will fix your property’s outer appearance. Common repairs include repointing and repairing bulges, cracks, joints, and gaps forming between brick or stone. You may want to consider masonry repair if you are in need of a material upgrade on your current masonry structure, or you simply need it to be cleaned properly to enhance its appearance. We make sure that our services surpass your quality expectations while meeting the original aesthetic of your property.


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